ERPs are "All-in-One" programs that are used to manage and automate a company's resources and processes.

According to a survey of Panorama Consulting of 2013, an 40% of the companies that acquire an ERP notice an increase in productivity and this is why ERP systems suppose a great investment for the companies.


AdmyERP is a highly scalable modular business management program.

For those who do not understand these terms, let me explain them:


The acronym ERP comes from Enterprise Resource PLanning (business resource planning system).


The term refers to a set of modules or tools

AdmyERP is formed by modules or tools that can be removed or put, depending on what the client needs.

High scalability:

High capacity Constant improvement

The structure of admyERP allows us to create new modules with new functions that meet unique needs of our customers, it also allows us to fully customize existing functions.

Basic Modules


This module will allow you to manage, save, view and edit the information of your customers in a safe and orderly manner.

It will also allow you to manage split your customers by branch and will share the information between them.

This module is KEY to the operation of the others.


It will allow you to make quotes to our clients in a fast way, regardless of whether you are a recurring customer or a new one.

We know how cumbersome it is to have to fill 10 fields of a form with the information of someone to create it as a client to be able to quote, that's why we add a function to create a client quickly to the quote module.

It will also allow us to see the history of all the quotes and look for any specific invoice quickly using any information of the invoice (Name of the client, date, number of the quote and even the status of the invoice).


This module provides an intuitive way to invoice, which will allow you to quickly get familiar with Admy.

This module also has the function of creating conduits and managing them.


This module will allow you to keep track of everything you have in your store in a quick and intuitive way, but above all very complete.

Account with the function of warehouses, which will allow you to know in which warehouse is each product, saving you time and helping you to organize everything in an optimal way.


This module has many useful functions.

It will allow you to manage the users who use the program and the permissions they have, to what modules they have access, what kind of users they are, Etc.

It also allows you to assign tasks quickly to users so they can do them and mark them on their task board, which is updated in real time and lets you see that everything is going well.

From this section you can also manage the modules you have installed, activate or deactivate them and even install new modules.

And that's not all!

El desk of admyERP is one of the features that make it unique.

Imagine being able to visualize all the information of your company, how many sales have been made in the day, in the month, in the year, how many quotes, how many customers responded to your emails, how your employees go with the tasks, the accounts, the notes, all ... on a single screen? Admy makes this happen.

Through the use of specialized widgets for each module, admy users can obtain a global vision of everything that is happening in their company, in all national and international branches.

This information that is reproduced in real time on the administrator's screen will allow you to make quick and accurate decisions regarding the direction of your company, all based on the actual results you are giving.

The future is here ... it's time for me to be part of it!

If you want more information about the other admy features, want to know the cost, or just want to say hello ...

Do not hesitate to call us!

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