AdmyERP: manage and grow.

ERPs are "All-in-One" programs that are used to manage and automate a company's resources and processes. According to a survey of Panorama Consulting of 2013, an 40% of companies that acquire an ERP notice an increase in productivity and it is for this reason that ERP systems suppose a great ...

How to make a web page

The web pages are a fundamental part of all modern business, today we will see what is the process to create them. The first thing you need to know is what types exist and which one is best suited to what you need Types of web page Business pages: They provide information about a company. Normally they consist of ...

What are the feeds and what are they for?

What is a feed? Feed is a means for users to read the entries of a website or part of them. The feed is a file that contains the information of the blog content and that is updated automatically. This means that when you are interested in a blog you can ...
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