It happens that you have a business and like every entrepreneur you want it to grow. Surely you will have researched and realized that as a common factor All successful companies have a website.

You will also have noticed that it is not as easy as it seems. you will need several things to upload your page and keep it there, also need to have someone who is aware of it correcting errors and protecting it from viruses, looking for ways to make it faster and monitoring that other users interacting with it do so in a ordered.

The solution that many companies have sought is to hire one or more programmers to maintain their page.

Having a trained person to support us has proven to be a good solution, but at the same time a very expensive one for small and medium enterprises.

Quite a dilemma, right? So in Lancergroup we have decided to take care of this so that you can forget about this problem.

Technical support all in one, at the right price

We believe that everyone has the right to be part of the future, that's why we create different technical support plans for all our services.

-1 to 3 updates per year

-Copies of daily security of the site
(Only applicable for sites hosted on our servers)

-Didactic material (Tutorials, talks and questions)

-Technical assistance 24 / 7

-Maintain TLS / SSL security certificates

-Correction of errors in the technical part of the site (response time 6h)

-Unlimited adjustments to the website

-Implementation of third-party systems and polymorphic functions

-Revision of the integrity of the website

-Implementation of corporate email with the contracted domain (5 mails)

-Safety anti-hacking and data theft.

- Fully covered SSL certificate, domain and web hosting expenses.

The prices of the different plans will depend on the characteristics that they contain, but we make sure that all the plans have something in common: they all include the payment of the hosting of the web domain and the different certificates.

Thanks to this method we can provide comfort, significant savings in time and money; What results in becoming guaranteed satisfaction which is gain for all.

If you want to know our different plans and prices, or simply wish to greet us please contact us, we have 24 / 7 assistance and we will be happy to give you the attention you deserve.

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