Although there are quite inexpensive solutions to create a website, some choose to use pirated licenses for their templates in order to save a few bucks.

But the risks of this practice are very high both in the computer framework and in the legal framework, let's see a few.

Legal risks

If you discover that you use Template or pirate plugin, the first risk you assume is to receive a report. You are violating the intellectual property rights of the company that created the software. Sometimes we can think that these companies have no way of knowing if I am using illegal software or not. But there are programs that require registration and if we use keys that are already being used by another person, they can alert the owners.

For example, it is illegal to use a free template and to modify the code where the author of the creator is.

The criminal consequences for companies that pirate programs or violate their licenses in some way can reach a fine of 280.000 dollars. There may even be prison sentences for company managers.

Using a pirated template or plugin has too many risks that the owner of the page assumes, so if you want a website it is better to work with a certified company that uses software by the rule.

Risks on your website

The other big risk of using pirated software illegally in your company is your own security. This type of programs whose origin is not the manufacturer itself may include viruses, Trojans or spyware that seriously detrimental to the security of your business.

Even if the software seems to work, you do not really know what modifications or additions have been made to it and therefore, you do not know what side effects it will have on your website.

To avoid these risks, it is necessary to ensure that the tools used to create your website are properly certified.

Be careful, even if it's free

The fact that a software is free does not mean that you can do what you want with it, that's why we recommend that before using it you inform yourself what license you use and what rules they entail.

This is a slightly more extensive topic that we will deal with later.

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