La General Directorate of Internal Taxes (DGII) issued the General Standard No.06-2018, which regulates aspects of the billing system and establishes new provisions on the issuance and use of tax receipts.

This was announced through a notice that is published in the media and its website, which modifies the structure of the Fiscal Proof Number (NCF) that will take effect on May 1 of the current year.

These new standards serve as tools to reduce the level of evasion in the ITBIS, which in our country exceeds the 40%.


In Article 2, it establishes new definitions of the following concepts:
a) Consumption Invoice: those tax receipts that are issued to the final consumer.
b) Credit invoice (Fiscal): those tax receipts that are issued with fiscal value.

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Article 10 of the Standard indicates that the NCFs that are authorized by the DGII at the time of entry into force of the Standard, may be issued and used by taxpayers until the 30 of April of the 2018.

Another of the main changes is the strengthening of the authorization scheme for new taxpayers; assignment and expiration of the sequences; standard invoice format and new Sequence of the NFC.

He stressed that the new structure of the NCFs has been conceived in a simple way to facilitate their understanding and reduce mistakes in typing, however, this new tax receipt has brought a problem for companies.

Incompatibility with accounting systems

The systems that are currently being used in companies they are not compatible with the format of the new fiscal voucher.

This new change will force users of pirated billing programs to switch to another system that if it is compatible. This will also affect those who use unsupported (outdated) billing programs.


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Compatibility with the new tax receipt

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