LBusiness management systems have become a necessity for business.

These programs streamline all the tasks of our office, and that is why they are not always cheap.

Computer systems of this type require a server, electricity and physical maintenance of the server as well as the system to function.

Physical server

Having a physical server represents high maintenance costs, here you have one of the cheapest servers you will find in Amazon:

PRIMERGY Fujitsu Server RX1330 M1

This server costs 499 dollars, an economic server we could say, since if you investigate a little more you will realize that the usual price of a server is from 1000 dollars onwards.

Wait, the server is not everything you need, you will need to buy a version of Windows server Since using a normal version of windows would be begging hackers to attack us.

A windows server license could cost us a few 400 dollars.

Since you have your server and need someone to install your server and maintenance.

Suppose we find someone who works for a salary of 400 dollars, and electrical costs are an extra 70 dollars only for the server, the cost to mount your server and keep it would be approximately 450 - 500 monthly dollars.

All this without having bought the management program that you plan to run on the server. this will involve a cost of about 500 dollars (minimum, no maintenance).

Surely you will be thinking the same as me, for a SME it is almost impossible to have an ERP.

The good news is that this era of technology brings opportunities for all.

The cloud to the rescue

The concept of the cloud has become famous quickly and it is no wonder! It's great to be able to have things stored without having to use the space we have on our cell phone or our computer.

Well, we can get a lot out of this, especially if we want an ERP.


The "cloud" is nothing more than a set of servers to which we have access through the Internet

Free services that offer cloud storage are usually very limited, but there are companies that provide larger amounts, enough to store an ERP at a very low cost compared to the cost of buying a server.

HOST Software

To use a physical server it is necessary to acquire a specific system for servers, such as the windows server we saw earlier.

But when we use a server in the cloud is another story, since the licenses of these software are much more economical, easy to install, and in many cases free.

Monthly server maintenance

When you use the cloud as a server ... The electricity bill comes to another! Is not it great?

Maintenance is much more viable and economical, which is fantastic.

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